Thank you to everyone for helping with Brett

To the editor,

Thank you to everyone for the many prayers, phone calls, texts, cards, visits, flowers, support and concern for Brett and our family. Thank you to the emergency room staff at the Power County Hospital for everything they were able to do to get Brett where he needed to go in a timely manner. Thank you to our many family members and friends who have done so many things for us. Thank you to Kelly and Lynette Crompton for all of their help, love and support in many ways and to Brianna and Kamren Koompin for all of their help, love and support. Thank you to Liz and Eddie Fehringer for being there on a very rough night and for lunch the next day. Thank you to Victor Tam for calling daily to check on Brett and to make sure we were all okay. Thank you to Shane and Kim West for taking care of our dog and our home while we were gone and for the food. Thank you to Kim West, Robyn Wood, Jenny Kress and Cori West for the flowers in the flower beds. Thank you to our staff and mail crew at The Power County Press and The Aberdeen Times for working so hard to make sure the paper went out each week. We have been blessed so many times during the time Brett was in the hospital. Thank you to all who organized and participated and helped in any way with the golf fundraiser that was held on behalf of our family and to all at the county offices who helped also. We feel so blessed to have so many people who cared and were willing to help. Thank you to everyone who has done so many things for us while we have been in Salt Lake City which made it easier for us to be together to help Brett in the healing process. Brett was released from the University of Utah hospital on Thursday 6-26-14 and is doing quite well. It was so nice to be able to head home as a family.

Thanks again,

Brett, Debbie, Robert and Preston Crompton


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