Girls dance and scream at the Aberdeen City Park

The City Park was a place of a lot of commotion last week as the annual Kiddie Cheer Camp took place. Girls ages 3 through high school age were at the camp Monday through Thursday in the mornings to learn how to be cheerleaders.

The camp was sponsored by the Aberdeen High School Cheerleaders to teach upcoming cheerleaders cheers and dances.

Girls were divided into four groups – three and four years old, five and six years old, seven through nine, and ten through twelve. They learned and practice the dances and cheers taught by the high school cheerleaders all week long and then performed for parents on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. Each age group performed their own cheers and dances and then they all joined in together to perform and cheer and a dance.

The Aberdeen High School Cheerleaders also performed for the crowd.

The young girls will also perform their cheers and dances during half-time of the first home football game scheduled on Friday, Sept. 19.

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