Getting married? Hold on! Times move fast

My wife and I have now been married seven years. That’s surprising to me. No, not because being married to my wife is especially hard or that I didn’t expect to make it this far. Actually, it’s the opposite. It just doesn’t seem like seven years. They’ve flown by before I noticed them coming.

I’m just a little bit wishy washy, so I haven’t done anything consistently for seven years in a row, except maybe Christmas. The seven years I was a teenager seemed to slide by like molasses on fly paper. My college years went by quicker, but still each year was marked by semesters passing and semesters coming.

Then I got married to a wonderful and pleasant person, and what do you know, here I am seven years later with four kids. I look at them and wonder, when did all this happen? It seems like just yesterday I was a lonely bachelor sitting around a messy apartment.

And those kids keep growing. There’s nothing like having a new baby in the house to see just how far those other kids have grown. And they just keep growing and growing. They still want to roughhouse but boy, it used to be like tossing around a sack of potatoes, but now it’s more like steer wrestling. I don’t know if I’m up for much more.

We got engaged next to her elementary school over in Pocatello. It wasn’t that she was overly sentimental about her elementary school, it was more that her elementary school has some really, really nice scenery around it to get engaged in.

On the asphalt of the school playground someone painted a map of the United States. The first thing we did as an engaged couple was point out what states we have been in. I’d have to say she got me beat. She was raised in a family with a larger spread then mine, so she’d been a few more places than I had.

In hindsight, what we should have been talking about was not where we’ve been, but where we wanted to go. We’re going to go a lot further together than everywhere we’ve been alone, even if all we do is stay home.

This week my compatriot and partner-in-crime Kurtis Workman is getting married. I just have two words of advice: hold on! It all goes by so quick.

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