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by Havilah Lyon

American Falls Library District Director

As many of you may know, Harriet Newlin (the much beloved and dedicated director of the American Falls District Library) has recently retired so she can enjoy her hard-won golden years in peace and quiet (which, surprisingly, isn’t as common in a library as you might imagine).

As of January 1st, 2013, I have taken over the duties and responsibilities of director of the library, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. There’s always a steep learning curve when first coming into a new position at a new company, but especially so when you’re taking over the leadership position at that new company.

However, all of this has been made so much easier by both an incredibly welcoming and friendly staff, and an incredibly welcoming and friendly community. Moving here from Twin Falls, I had never been to American Falls until I saw the opening posted and had driven here to take a tour of the town (and the library) so I could make the fateful decision of whether or not to apply for the job. Despite this complete outsider status, I have been welcomed with open arms into the community, which has meant the world to me.

So what’s coming down the pike with a new director at the helm of the library? Many things, including a much bigger emphasis on technology. We have beefed up our presence on Facebook (you can find our page at and are in the middle of reworking the library’s website. We are switching to a new library program which will allow you, the patron, to renew your items online, put items on hold online, and much, much more. We are also getting new computers in the library; our current computers are a little too well-loved (and abused) and are in dire need of being replaced.

Depending on what happens with the personal property tax being debated in Boise this session, we may have more technological goodies heading our way…or we may be cutting our hours way back, along with everything else. Let’s hope the good folks in Boise see the light and decide not to cut our funding by 41 percent this legislative session.

Either way, please feel free to stop by the library and introduce yourself – I am really enjoying getting to know everyone in this wonderful community. Thanks to all of you for your kindness and hospitality!

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