It’s the most wonderful time of the year

There is nothing better than October, November and December; so much is going on in that time. There’s playoff baseball, and even though my Red Sox are as far out of the picture as possible, I still love watching America’s pastime. The Baltimore Orioles are up against the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals are playing against the San Francisco Giants. The two National League teams, Cardinals and Giants, are the more experienced clubs. It seems like it’s one or the other in the World Series each year. On the other side, the Royals and the Orioles both haven’t made the World Series in almost three decades. My preference in a World Series matchup would be Royals versus the Giants. My gut is telling me it will be the Orioles versus the Cardinals. We can’t always get what we want I guess.

On top of October baseball, it’s the start of my favorite season, not the fall season but the NBA season. Preseason is underway and the regular season starts at the tail end of October. Just like my Red Sox, the Celtics don’t look too promising this year but I always go in hoping for an 18th title. I feel bad for my dad because he is a Lakers fan. I don’t know what I would do if my kid decided to like teams I’ve hated my whole life. There has only been one time where my dad ripped me a new one and I probably deserved it. It was the NBA Finals and the Celtics were playing the Lakers, I wasn’t agreeing with the calls and my dad had enough, ” Preston, I can’t watch this game if you keep griping every other time they make a call.” I heard him loud and clear and have stopped complaining… in front of him.

The NFL season is still in full gear and a positive to this year for my Dolphins is that we don’t have a bullying scandal. With all of the domestic lawsuits and battery charges it makes it hard to cheer for anyone knowing that each team probably has a character or two that probably aren’t the brightest and most respectful human beings.

Along with the NFL we still have tons of NCAA football left and it’s the first year away from the BCS standings which makes me a little more interested in seeing how things play out.

And for some people, the NHL season has started. I don’t know enough about hockey to give my opinion but after watching last years playoffs, I don’t think fans will be disappointed.

Aside from sports we have some of the greatest holidays to celebrate, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was making my new year’s resolutions. Don’t ask me how they went, I don’t even remember what I was trying to improve. This year has been the most memorable one to date. Despite the trials my family and I have went through I can honestly say it has been one of my favorite years so far. My girlfriend and I were trying to decide if we wanted to do a tandem costume and we came up with what seems like 20 ideas. I think the easiest one to do would be going as ourselves and when people ask what we are supposed to be we reply, “We’re indecisive.”

Thanksgiving never disappoints, we’ve started a Turkey Bowl and last year had a huge turnout. My sarcasm doesn’t translate over text so I will tell you there was sarcasm in that last statement. We had Robert, my brother, Klayton, a long-time friend and honorary brother and myself. I’m hoping we get some more friends in on it this year. It’s always a good time. Thanksgiving always reminds everyone to take a moment to thank people that are important to them. It should be done daily but it’s a great reminder.

Ending the year is Christmas, it’s pretty much self explanatory why this is such a great time of the year. I think someone has wrote a song about it. Once again, sarcasm.

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