Power County Commission minutes for November

Published in The Power County Press Dec. 31, 2014.
The Board of Power County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, November 10, 2014. Present were Commissioners Ron Funk, Chairman, Delane Anderson and Norman Wright. Also present was Power County Chief Deputy Clerk, Linda Annen
POWER COUNTY BOARD OF CANVASSERS: The Commissioners reviewed the Results of the General Election held on November 4, 2014. Commissioner Anderson moved to approve the results of the election, as reported. The motion was seconded by Commissioners Wright, and the motion carried.
POWER COUNTY COMMISSIONER MINUTES: Moved by Commissioner Funk and seconded by Commissioner Wright to approve the Power County Commissioner Minutes for October 14th, 17th and 27th, as presented. Carried.
POWER COUNTY BUILDINGS & GROUNDS – FARM LEASE: Chris Fehringer was present, having submitted a bid to lease Power County’s 73-4 farmable acres located in Section 22, Township 7 S, Range 31 EBM. Mr. Fehringer suggested that a pump and panel be paid for by the County, for the property, and also suggested that a pond be in place to assure there is always water. There was also suggestion about redoing the mainline, and if that took place, supplying water to an area presently not supplied with water. Commissioner Anderson and Chris Fehringer scheduled a meeting to go look at the property on Tuesday, November 11, 2014. Commissioner Funk indicated he would contact the other bidders. If the concerns that Mr. Fehringer has cannot be accomplished, and he chooses not to proceed with a lease for said property, I will be opened up for bid again after improvements are made, if they are.
POWER COUNTY AIRPORT MANAGER: Commissioner Funk announced that it was the date and time scheduled to open sealed bids submitted for Power County Airport Manager. Only one bid was received on November 7, 2014, at 4:30 p.m. The commissioners discussed that several people had contacted them but that did not have an AP certificate, and did not submit a bid because of that. The commissioners discussed removing conditions 1 and 2 from the previous criteria. The present Airport Manager did not submit a bid for the position, and therefore, would not be eligible to stay in the home on the property. Commissioner Anderson seconded the motion, and the motion carried. Commission Anderson, Commissioner Funk and Launa Snow will schedule a walk through the airport home for next week.
Commissioner Anderson made a motion that the county reject all submissions for airport manager, strike items 1 & 2, and resubmit a request for proposal. Commissioner Wright seconded the motion, the motion carried.
VA SERVICE OFFICER: The commissioners discussed what the VA Service Officer position. Ray Henery had volunteered to step in during the interim and train with previous officer, Jim Halverson. The Commissioners decided to research the need for an individual VA Service Officer, or if the Power County Indigent Services Office could fill that position.
POWER COUNTY BUILDING AND GROUNDS: Commissioner Anderson gave an update on the paving of the Courthouse back parking lot, and requested that the Clerk’s Office contact the city for a return on the deposit of $170 which was previously required. Commissioner Funk moved to allow Commissioner Anderson to move forward with Striping the parking lot, with Eagle Rock Paving locally, or if that doesn’t work out, to use an outside contractor. Commissioner Wright seconded the motion, and the motion carried.
POWER COUNTY COURTHOUSE SECURITY: The Commissioners reviewed the drawing for making the Juvenile probation entrance more secure. Commissioner Funk made a motion that Commissioner Anderson shall contact a contractor, and get a bid proposal for the security feature for the juvenile probation office counter. Officer Wright seconded the motion and the motion carried.
POWER COUNTY FAIRRGROUNDS CONCESSIONARES: The commissioners have been contacted by a member of the community concerning the charge for having a booth during Fair week. The commissioners tabled this discussion, wanted to gather further information, and put back on the agenda for December 1, 2014.
EXECUTIVE SESSON (I.C. 67-2347): Moved by Commissioner Funk, seconded by Commissioner Wright to move into executive session pursuant to I.C. #67-2345 to discuss protocol for dispatch in connection with ambulance calls. Upon a call for the question the following roll call vote was taken at 11:00 a.m.
Commissioner Funk – Aye
Commissioner Anderson – Aye
Commissioner Wright – Aye
Carried. Moved by Commission Wright, seconded by Commissioner Funk, to adjourn from executive session at 11:15 a.m. to take final action and make final decisions. Upon a all for the question, the following roll call vote was taken.
Commissioner Fund = Aye
Commissioner Anderson – Aye
Commissioner Wright – Aye
CLAIMS: Commissioner Funk moved to approve the claims as presented, and Commissioner Wright seconded the motion. The motion carried. Commissioner Funk moved to add additional claims to IAC for $125 for Incoming Commissioner Lasley, County credit card bill for Power County Planning and Zoning Bob Steinlicht, and fuel charges for the county as well. Commissioner Wright seconded the motion and the motion carried.
POWER COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICER: Barbara Petty with the University of Idaho Extension office appeared before the commissioners, and explained the process for filing a position as an extension agent. She indicated that Scott Nash, with Bingham County would be filling in and working with our local office (Jen Thaxton) on the second Monday of each month, and as needed as well. Ms. Petty asked if the county would reimburse Mr. Nash for his travel during this interim period, and the commissioners agreed to that. Commissioner Anderson volunteered to be on the search committee for a new extension office.
MOSQUITO ABATEMENT: Tim Vector appeared before the commissioners and gave an annual report on mosquito abatement. He indicated that on a whole, the number of infected mosquitos was way down because of past identifying problem areas, and treating them early on. The parties will revisit the matter in March of 2015.
POWER COUNTY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Commissioner Wright made a motion that the county extend Launa Snow’s contract to manage the properties at 507 Bannock, Gifford and the Airport for next year. Commissioner Anderson seconded the motion, and the motion carried.
POWER COUNTY COLLECTION OF FEES. Power County Deputy Assessor Donna Thornton discussed with the Commissioners collecting a fee from some parties for GIS data they are receiving on disk. Some parties believe they should be exempt, and some are not. The County presently has a form for request of information, and why a party believes they should be exempt. Ryan Petersen will review and revamp the form. The Commissioners decided to gather more information before making a decision on this matter.
POWER COUNTY AIRPORT AGREEMENT: The commissioner reviewed the 2014 grant for the Airport in the sum of $15,000, and after discussion Commissioner Wright made a motion to approve the grant as written. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Anderson, and the Motion carried.
POWER COUNTY TREASURER – ORDER FOR CANCELLATION OF TAXES: Following discussion with Power County Treasurer Deanna Curry, it was moved by Commissioner Anderson and seconded by Commissioner Funk to approve the Order for Cancellation of Taxes in the amount of $202.05. Further, Commissioner Funk made a motion to transfer the 2013 taxes on a mobile home, for purposes of being able to collect taxes on said property. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Anderson, and the motion carried.
POWER COUNTY BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Commissioner Anderson gave a report on the progress of the sheriff’s office ramp, and the new sidewalks in the front of the courthouse. Commission Anderson made a motion to accept the donation of the light posts from the American Falls dam donated by Beechnut (Alma) Nelson and Ron and Lea Ann Anderson, which are to be installed in conjunction with the sidewalk replacement, to include getting Hunt Electric to install conduit and electrical wiring. Commissioner Funk seconded the Motion, and the motion carried.
Power County Assessor – FY 2014 Industrial Appraisal Contracts: The commissioners were presented with the above contracts, which were reviewed by the commissioners. Commissioner Wright made a motion to approve the contracts as written, the motion was seconded by Commissioner Funk, and the motion carried. Shewey, Vander Boegh will perform the industrial appraisals for the 2015 tax year.
JUVENILE CORRECTIONS – ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT: The commissioners reviewed the Juvenile Justice Annual Financial report, and after review Commissioner Anderson made a motion to approve the report as submitted, which was submitted by Commissioners Wright, and the motion carried. The commissioners signed the report, and it was forwarded to Connie Shepherd for signature by the State prior to December 1, 2014.
POWER COUNTY/ESCALARA/ISU: Rudy Pena and Dr. Wayne Miller of Idaho State University met to update the commissioners on the adult education, English classes and GED classes that are presently being offered here in Power County. ISU is working with Escalara in expanding services as well as offering financial support to them, in their efforts. The commissioner were updated on future proposed expansion of the programs, and ISU asked Power County to fund some of those efforts in the sum of $70,000 for the first year, and in hopes of getting grants to replace those county dollars for the next couple of years. The commissioners did not make any decisions on the information provided today, but plan to schedule this for a future meeting.
RON FUNK, Chairman

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