Dreaming the impossible dream

The other day I happened to be walking through the halls of American Falls High School. I had fun reading where students, as well as staff, had posted pictures of themselves holding a paper that said “My Dream Is” and a handwritten message of whatever their dream is. Our high school students have a lot of dreams. I was disappointed, however, that none of their dreams were to invent time travel.

We, as a nation, could really use time travel. Just think, we could go back in time and issue important proclamations like, “if you ever want to run for president, don’t use your personal email!” and other such tidbits of profound wisdom gained from living in the future. Living in the future can make you really smart.

But most of the students had other ways to be really smart. Most of their dreams were to graduate from college. And the more desperate hoped just to graduate at all. Graduating is a good dream.

However, if your only dream is to graduate from college, what is it you’re planning on doing for the rest of the 47, 57 or 67 years of your life? There’s no easy answer to that, but if I were young again, I would probably settle on two words: hot tub. Oh, if only I had planned that dream out more fully earlier on.

Except for that one student who wrote that “taco” was his dream (believe me, I have that dream too) most of the students’ dreams were practical and fell right in line with the expectations of school-hood. It makes me just a little bit curious as what the more wild, more impossible dreams of these same students might be.

For example, my imagination runs crazy with things I could do, if uninhibited. Like, having Jerry Seinfeld come pick me up for coffee is one such dream. I’m no big Seinfeld fan and I don’t drink coffee, but that’s what Seinfeld is doing on the internet these days, and it looks like fun.

But that’s just the beginning. I would like to win an Oscar, though that might require being involved with a movie at some point. (Why do these dreams all require work?! Seriously!) I would also like to ride in a hot air balloon, and go to the moon, and maybe ride a hot air balloon on the moon.

I would like to charm a cobra, ride the world’s largest roller coaster, be inducted into a hall of fame, drive a boat, go on a cruise, drive a cruise ship, hang-glide off the Eiffel tower, cross a rope bridge, hack my way through the jungle with a machete, discover an ancient artifact, eat squid, watch sharks while scuba diving, invent time travel and on and on and on.

Now, I haven’t actually done anything to complete any of those dreams. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have the stomach to even do the most practical of those things. And it’s not my focus. My focus now is to accomplish what better be all my kids’ dreams, namely graduating college, and then maybe I’ll have a moment to myself, another dream of mine. Just 24 more years to go is all.

I’d have to say my more practical dreams are along the lines of the high school staff, which focused on family, retirement and travel. But not to the moon, unfortunately. I’d have to invent time travel first for my body to allow that one to happen.

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