Power County minutes for March 9

Published in The Power County Press April 1, 2015.
Synopsis of Minutes for March 9, 2015
A complete set of minutes are on file at the Power County Courthouse, American Falls, Idaho. The complete minutes are also available online at www.co.power.id.us.
Meeting convened at 9:00 a.m.
Power County EMS Director reported on accounts receivable, payroll and billing.
Pocatello Regional Transit reported on services to Rockland.
Contract Lobbyist Pat Sullivan updated the Commission on pending legislation.
Idaho Association of Counties updated the Commission on pending legislation.
Sheriff Jeffries presented a Marine Patrol Recreational Boat Safety Grant to the Commission.
Judge Laggis updated the Commission on the practice of criminal payment collection procedures.
Clerk Sharee Sprague reported on needed minute’s clarification.
Clerk Sharee Sprague reported that the Clerk vehicle will be shared with the Extension Office and the Assessor has agreed to share use of the Assessor Vehicle as needed thereby releasing the extension office van to be utilized as the Airport Courtesy Car.
Building maintenance and additional needed repairs were reported.
Commissioner Anderson reported on the 5th District Meeting.
Commissioner Lasley reported on the Fairboard, trees at the fairgrounds and Radio Committee.
The agenda was amended to include Investment Report, New Truck at the Landfill, Department Quarterly Reports, Board Updates, and Lobbyist Update.
Four (4) Power County Ordinances were ratified and passed.
Power County EMS Accounts Receivable report was accepted.
An uncollectible account was written off of the Power County EMS Accounts Receivables.
Indigent cases were addressed.
The Commission approved appointment of Power County Weeds Board members and released a member from the Board.
The following claims were submitted and paid (a detailed report is available in the Clerk’s Office).
Fund Description Expenses
(CURRENT EXPENSE) $28,047.05
AMBULANCE DIST. $17,496.00
ABATEMENT DIST. $16,060.00
JUSTICE FUND $50,255.27
SERVICES $14,404.31
INDIGENT $1718.00
REVALUATION $12,782.00
(LANDFILL) $6,614.57
WEEDS $3,596.20
WATERWAYS $12,529.12
OF TAXES $4,553.42
TOTAL $173,866.62
Missing language from past minutes were clarified.
Minutes were approved for meetings held February 9, 2015, February 20, 2015, and February 23, 2015.
A Certificate of Residency pursuant to Idaho code 33-2110 was denied.
Resolution 2015-01 to accept unanticipated revenue was signed by the Commission.
Resolution 2015-02 to accept unanticipated revenue was adopted and signed by the Commission.
The Building Administrator was instructed to explore costs necessary to automatically open the ADA Door at the annex.
Additional installations to the Transfer Station Truck were approved.
Investment Committee Report was accepted.
The following Agenda items were rescheduled: Power County Health Department quarterly report and Tyson Kunz of Wells Fargo.
The Clerk was instructed to begin necessary steps to prepare for application to the Risk Management Discount Program.
A violation letter was sent out on a violation of the airport lease.
Next regular session for the board to meet is slated for March 23, 2015.
Meeting adjourned at 5:42 p.m.

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