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Family and friends,

As time approaches the anniversary of the passing of Pam Muirbrook, we would like to remember her with a memorial scholarship fund. Education has always been an important part of Pam’s and our families’ lives. For that reason, Dave and Peggy Bain have created a memorial scholarship fund and would like to call it the “Muirbrook Family Memorial Scholarship Fund.” We would like to remember not only Pam, but Glen, Irene and Mike as well.

Education has always been an important aspect of our family. Our parents, Galyn “Mike” and Marie Muirbrook, encouraged their five children to attend college and get a higher education. Four of their five children attended the University of Idaho and Irene graduated from Concordia. Two of the children met their spouses at the University of Idaho. Mike and Marie also started education funds for their grandchildren. After Dad’s death, Mom continued the tradition for all 10 grandchildren, eight who attended the University of Idaho. Now all 10 of those grandchildren, plus three of their spouses from the University of Idaho, have graduated and have careers. Those careers include a Doctor, several with masters or extended degrees in social work, teaching, various aspects of computer specialists, an attorney, and one in the military.

The scholarship is intended to help students who graduated from Aberdeen High School or Muirbrook Family descendants, who will be attending the University of Idaho, and who are motivated to complete their education. The criteria would include completing one or more years of college and maintaining a 2.75 GPA. The candidates would submit an essay of 200 to 500 words indicating their needs and goals for attending the U of I. The recipient would be based on their respective essay. The amount and longevity of the scholarship will be determined by the amount of donations. This is an opportunity to give not only to the respective student but also to the University of Idaho. We may not have enough separately, but combined we can make a difference. So any donations will be appreciated.

We have set up an account with Wells Fargo Bank under the name “Muirbrook Family Memorial Fund” with the account number being #6836714912. This account can be accessed through any Wells Fargo Bank location, or contributions can be made via Peggy Bain, 726 South 1950 West, Springfield, ID 83277.

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