Best gifts for ‘Dan’s Dad Day’

My second oldest daughter has taken to calling me “Dan” instead of “Dad.” I’ve threatened that I’m going to start referring to her only as “daughter” but it hasn’t worked. I think she thinks it makes her sound more grown up. It would make her sound more grown up if she was commenting on something like national affairs. Instead, our interactions go something like this:

“Dan! Daaaaaannn!” she yells from the other side of the house.

“Just a minute!” I cry as I try to figure out what to do with the two babies I’m holding so I can go save what must be an incredible emergency. I finally make it over to the other side of the house.

“Have you seen my Barbie’s clothes?” she asked.

“That is your emergency?” I respond. I have a suspicion that what she is really looking for was a reason to call me “Dan” one more time. I’m sure it’s just a phase, and I hope that sometime down the road she will respond to me with a little more respect. “Dan’s Day” just doesn’t have the nice ring to it that “Father’s Day” has.

At least my daughter, while forgoing my traditional title, also forgoes the traditional Father’s Day gift. I have not once received an ugly tie for Father’s Day. What I usually get for Father’s Day is shoes. I got shoes once for Father’s Day, and now it seems to be just the right time for the rotation. Just as my shoes are wearing out, Father’s Day arrives. Shoes are a good Father’s Day present. We all need shoes. I have no idea why we have ties.

I’m pretty sure that I never called my dad by his first name. Either I just didn’t go through that phase or we just had more respect those days. Boy does that sound like something an old person would say. I have to also add that I did walk to school with snow up to my knees, and even if it was uphill one way, it was a steep hill, and should count for both ways.

While I must be more mature than I was in my past, I still don’t feel all that adultish sometimes. I sure don’t feel old enough to have children acting up on me. Father’s Day is always just a little bit of a shock. Even the term “father” makes me sound old. I guess I’ll stick with “Dan” for a while.

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