P.C. Commission minutes synopsis

Published in The Power County Press July 1, 2015.


Synopsis of Minutes for June 22, 2015

A complete set of minutes are on file at the Power County Courthouse, American Falls, Idaho. The complete minutes are also available online at www.co.power.id.us.

Meeting convened at 9:00 am.


The Board discussed the budgetary effect of public defender contracts, implementation consideration of a pond and panel at the airport, website maintenance, assessor vehicle expenses and repairs, GIS priorities and options.

Impact of a lawsuit against the State of Idaho for failure to comply with Constitutional right of defense filed by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has discussed.

The coroner presented budget requests to the Board.

Progress of the Solar Farm was discussed.

Use of the Extension Office and a 4-H camp update was provided.

A proposal for Website Management was presented.

Rockland Transfer Station options were discussed.


Agenda was approved and amended.

A contract between Department of Health and Welfare and Power County for service of civil papers was amended.

A hardship exemption was granted.

A request to close the Power County Transfer Station on July 3rd and July 4th was granted.

Commissioner meeting minutes for June 4, June 5 and June 15, 2015, were approved.


Agenda items for Rave Communication, Misdemeanor Probation and Gifford Street rental were tabled.

Next regular session for the board to meet is slated for June 29, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.


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