Woodworth offers her thanks for Young Woman of Excellence Program

To the editor,

It is with deep gratitude that I would like to thank everyone who helped make the 2013 Power County Young Woman of Excellence Program a great success this year.

My thanks go to the Rotary Club, which puts much time and dedication in this beneficial program, and to the community sponsors, who donate generously towards the scholarship fund for all the participants. Both have been so willing to extend their efforts in making this event memorable to both the community and participants year after year.

However, this program would not be such an amazing experience if it weren’t for those working behind the scenes. A special thanks goes to Annette and the program directors Debi and Melissa for taking the reins of 11 teenage girls and helping us become our true, best selves. I admire and appreciate everything you have done for us. To Brittney, Erin, Hailey and Bekah, thank you for your patience and fun attitudes in taking the time to teach us talent, fitness, poise and interview. Another thanks to Toni for providing the judges and encouraging us before we faced them in our interviews. To Lacy, thank you for understanding my overly organized personality and helping me throughout the entire experience. I’m so glad I got you as my hostess mom! Many thanks goes to all the participants, and those involved in helping in any way to this program, especially Morgan Breding who represented Power County as last year’s Young Woman of Excellence.

One last thanks goes to God and my supportive family, who encouraged me to reach my potential and perform to my best ability.

I am excited and honored to represent you this year as the 2013 Power County Young Woman of Excellence. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Lindsey Woodworth
2013 Power County
Young Woman of Excellence


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