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Part of working at The Power County Press requires me to be objective to everything. One thing I have a hard time dealing with, although I have gradually become better at it. The opinion page is usually where I give an inside look into my life and try to add some humor into the paper when negative events happen to our community. This time I would like to give my opinion on the outcome of the school bond election.

Before I get too far into it, I want everyone to know that we have obligations to let both sides of an election respond to questions, comments or anything that needs to be addressed. We had multiple letters to the editor come in before the election was held, but neither allowed the other any time to respond to their concerns. All over Facebook I see posts about it and I felt like I should clear the air. Back to my personal, unfiltered opinion. Also remember, I’m still only 24. I understand I don’t know everything and I’m positive I don’t have every single piece of information I need to back up parts of my opinion, but neither do most people.

To say I’m disappointed wouldn’t be enough. As a community we should have come up with a solution to these obstacles. I understand we had the opportunity to do the expansion and auxiliary gym in our last bond but for whatever reason, I don’t know why it didn’t work out. I can’t answer on that, but what I do want to address is the opportunity to make American Falls a town people can be proud of. I feel like a lot of votes went against the bond because of reasons that don’t apply to the bond itself. Problems with teachers, atmosphere being too adult for third graders, more outrageous responses involving illegal immigrants, it’s just crazy. The bond was meant to expand the intermediate school, add on an auxiliary gym at the high school. When Magnida comes in, hopefully the families that come with it settle down in American Falls. It will help out immensely. One issue that would come up if our town keeps growing is the need for more room in our schools. How ironic would that be?

The high school has one gym. The intermediate school has one gym. The elementary school has half a gym. The middle school has one gym, and four courts outside that are useless during the winter… which is when basketball starts. They added another court on Lee Street that gives another option, but again, during the winter is useless.

I was fortunate enough to have a key to the church I go to and shoot hoops in there, but that’s not doable for teams. The Lutheran church is basically the last option for a basketball court and it’s probably half the size of an actual court.

I hear and see people all the time complaining about why American Falls isn’t growing, why are businesses struggling, why can’t we be competitive in some school sports. It’s on all of us, that’s why. You want a flourishing town? Shop locally, get your gas in town, support your town, don’t travel 25 miles and get it “cheaper”. It might be cheaper in the store but traveling probably evens the price out. And if it doesn’t, you should still support the stores and businesses here. That’s the type of sacrifice it will take if that’s what you really want.

You want the basketball team to be competitive? Support the team, I know they do fundraisers annually. Help them when you can. Go to their games. Push your children to be active outside of school. Those are all things that we can do. One thing we can’t do, is get another gym for them. Obviously it isn’t free. The taxes we are paying for the present bond would basically carry over until 2038. But if you want the basketball teams to be successful, giving them better opportunities would be a good start instead of having them scramble for a gym.

I’ve always been a fan of inspirational quotes or sayings. One that has come across my mind lately has to do more with competing in sports but I feel like it applies.

“Everyone wants to eat, but few are willing to hunt.”

I’m excited for the newly elected councilmembers and what they bring to the table. I hope there can be a resolve to this issue in the near future, but it’s going to take a community to accomplish those goals.

That’s where I stand on this issue.

I can’t go full-serious in any of my columns so I’ll tell a little story from this past week. Wednesday, Nov. 4, was my mother-in-law’s birthday. So Adriana and I traveled over to Mountain Home to celebrate with her side of the family. We got her a blanket and a mug for her special day.

The mug wasn’t anything special, besides what it said on it. “Best Grandma Ever”. Adriana isn’t pregnant, but the mug was only $4 so I couldn’t resist. She opened it, read it under her breath, twice, and started screaming. Adriana and I couldn’t keep it together and starting laughing hysterically. She eventually realized we were pulling her leg and it was just a joke. I thought it was the perfect gift. She gets a mug that she can use, I get a good little prank out of it, eventually she will be a grandma… just not right now.

Also, thank you to all the veterans that have served for our country. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to complain and annoy people every week if it wasn’t for the brave men and women that fight for our country. I truly do appreciate it.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Thanks for reading!

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