Thanks to all who help and use the trail

To the editor,

The Aberdeen Gem Trail Foundation sends a huge thank you to Kris Corbridge, Jerry Freeburne, James Krehbiel, Leland Sorensen, Devin Potts, Darren Dancliff, Dale Morrical, Todd Woods, Travis Pincock and Chad Corbridge of the Aberdeen Fire Department for their hard work in burning off the weeds and dead grass along the trail last Monday evening.

A big thank you to Rick Corbridge for taking the time to spray weeds along the trail.

March 27 was a beautiful day and thanks to Grace, Ella, Teddy, Levi, Lilly, Jasmine and Lupe. They helped pick up five bags of trash and pull weeds near signs and benches. A big thanks to them for helping and making the day a fun one. And a huge thanks to Kevin Klassen for hauling away the trash bags.

The trail has seen an increase of use this past winter, and the upkeep of the trail is a large reason why more and more people are enjoying it. We encourage people to use the three trash barrels available to place their trash while using the trail.

We do appreciate the public support in the use of the trail and the upkeep and help and shout out a thank you to all who do.

The Aberdeen Gem Trail Committee

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