Thanks for all your help at Christmas time

To the editor,

The Aberdeen Food Bank Board thanks all those who helped with our Christmas Baskets. We were able to give Christmas baskets to 65 families comprising of 211 persons. This number is very close to the last few years. Our volunteers commented on how smoothly distribution went; in addition to food, people were able to pick clothes from donations made by Family Dollar and others, and also to pick up toys for younger children due to a project carried through by Aberdeen High School Senior Brook Dahlberg as her senior project.

We had lots of help—Idaho Food Bank warehouse in Pocatello; Troy Warner and the Amalgamated Sugar people; Chris Chris and Idaho Select; Pendleton Flour in Blackfoot; Lamb-Weston for frozen food and employee cash donations; Stokes Market is always willing to contribute; Harold Klassen and the folks at Country Kitchen; the American Legion Auxiliary; USDA community gardeners; as so many times in the last years, the Boy Scouts and Aberdeen Public Schools have given lots of canned goods; also, there were cash contributions from all three schools, with Erin Johnson and the staff and students of Aberdeen Middle School as standouts ($2,500.00!).

Thanks to our many area residents who wrote us checks, to Brad Shackelford and his gang who round up and hand out the cold and frozen stuff, to our volunteers who do the nuts and bolts of gathering, organizing, sorting, setting up under the leadership of our director Christine Sanders.

I can remember many years past when we struggled along from month to month on a shoe-string budget; the Food Bank has become a sort of all-community project, and all this participation is gratifying.

Monty Ledford, secretary

on behalf of Aberdeen Food Bank Board

Thanks for reading!

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