The promise of what Spring will bring

Our City
by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

Perhaps I have been inside too much of late as 32 degrees, snow, and moving water has become very appealing. As I look forward to the three-day weekend memorializing Martin Luther King, I find myself alone except for my two canine pals Lilly and Buster. Sally is helping Suzanne get her personal items moved from Salt Lake City to Phoenix as she and Kelton start a new chapter in their life together. I had planned to head west for some quail and chukar hunting with Paul Laggis; but Lilly is still healing from a torn pad from our outing two weeks ago. Thus, I find myself with a bit of cabin fever, longing for some part of Spring to poke its head over the horizon, though I truly hope those days are far off with lots of snow in between. So I will welcome the thought of a bit warmer temps and the possibilities of a fly-rod in my hand and snow in the air.

But as I look a bit further off and to real Spring weather, I know I will find myself deep into yard work. As I think of those long off days, conversations with Superintendent Jeremy Peirsol come to mind as does a directive from our friends at the county landfill. Please be mindful as you haul things to the landfill as those loads need to be covered and secured as per a new county ordinance. As I understand it, you will not be allowed to dump if your load is not properly covered. Which brings up another word of caution from me — please don’t dump private trash in city or commercial dumpsters or trash cans, for this is a finable offense. I don’t mean to sound like some grumpy curmudgeon; I just want you to be properly informed and forewarned.

In an effort to make your spring clean up a bit easier I will be asking the city council during Wednesday’s meeting to consider reinstating the old city-wide cleanup where the city will go through and clean all the alleys and also oblige you in hauling your spring yard cleaning to the dump. Should the council choose to approve the request, street superintendent Jeff Nelson and I will be getting the particulars to you as property owners. If you recall last fall when we had to go through miles of alleys trimming branches and trees while picking up garbage in order to get the new vacuum truck and camera van through to clean and document our sewer lines, the spring cleanup should also alleviate the need to do so much of this type of work in the fall.

I must again commend Superintendent Peirsol who has a real knack for finding grant funds. With just a bit of luck Peirsol should be able to secure another $60,000 for new ADA accessible sidewalks and ramps in the city. As I have written briefly about previously, we are also optimistic that we may once again qualify for about $500,000 to complete the sidewalks around city park and do some much needed rehabilitation to Bannock Street from Roosevelt to Lee Street. Although we have many, Peirsol is certainly an employee who is worth his weight in gold.

As Spring may or may not be just around the corner, I have also been talking to Superintendent Cody Moldenhauer and our Golf Pro Denny Howell about fees and efficiencies as we continue to try and make the golf course better and a bit more self-sufficient. The council will be discussing the best way to do that through the month of February as they make a decision on March 2. I certainly understand the argument and sentiment that users’ fees should not balance the books at the golf course, but I believe there is a medium where user fees and taxes paid by all of us can make the course more user friendly and viable as a city-run business.

As I look forward to a few days of winter fishing, I too see the promise of what Spring will bring. And, while it may seem and actually be far off it will be here soon enough. I look forward to the very positive things within the city continuing and I hope as Spring crests the eastern horizon that it finds you excited about the possibilities it always seems to bring.

Until next week…

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