When is a government program a failure?

Open letter to Congressman Mike Simpson,

I have been asking the same question of you for the past
eight years. I created quite a stir at Governor Otter’s “Capital
for a Day” when I made the statement “I could never vote for
you”. As I explained to your regional representative, until I
get an answer I must assume you don’t have an answer that
would be acceptable. That question is “AT WHAT POINT
OR AGENCY A FAILURE”? I will use the Department of
Energy as an example. During the last primary election your
spin machine made a lot of noise when your opponent said
he thought the Dept. of Energy was unconstitutional. The
Media and your “spin machine” went to work painting him
as wanting to shut down the INL. You and I both know that
was not his intent. The INL (different name) was created by
the Atomic Energy Commission in 1949. Twenty-eight years
of funding without the Dept of Energy. The Department of
Energy was created in 1977 by the Carter administration, with
the expressed purpose of reducing our dependence on foreign
oil. In 1977 we imported about 32% of our crude. Today we
import over 70%. By any logical measurement a total and
complete failure. Add to that, I still, after 36 years have not
heard a Constitutional justification for the Department of

Constitutional issues aside similar conclusions can be made
for the Dept of Education, Dept of Health and Human Services, EPA and others. I go back to my original question, “AT
WHAT POINT WOULD YOU CONSIDER A GOVERNMENT PROGRAM OR AGENCY A FAILURE”? I must assume you have never seen or are unable to conceive of a big government program being a failure. Spending money that
you don’t have could be considered fraud or theft. Spending money that the next generation is expected to pay is nothing more than “Inter-generational theft”. That sir is theft. You and the rest of congress have sentenced our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to economic slavery. That is the absolute ultimate of Taxation Without Representation. One last point,
the following is from your response page when someone sent you a comment. “Our representative democracy only works when citizens are willing to be involved in their government.”

This statement alone should disqualify you from holding office in our REPUBLIC. This statement defines what you think
of our Constitution you take an oath to protect and defend.
Jesse Higgins

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