Fertilizer distribution plant ready to build, waiting for EPA okay

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

If it can meet stringent EPA regulations, Valley Agronomics will start construction on its new Power County fertilizer distribution plant in early March. Weather is also a factor.

They want to start construction as soon as possible, but jumping through EPA hoops is slowing down the process, said Sid Jensen, a construction manager with the company. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates of the use of the site where the company is building.

“They’re many and varied,” Jensen said of the EPA regulations.

The site is the location of the former phosphate plant, FMC. Because of the phosphate in the ground, the EPA gave the site “superfund” status, a status that the government entity gives to the most contaminated land.

The goal is to have the distribution plant completed by Oct. 30 of this year. That should be possible if weather does not become an issue, Jensen said.

The plant will have a concrete foundation and will be of wood construction. Between 30 to 40 construction workers will be on the site at any given time, depending on the stage of construction, Jensen said.

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