City jump starts ordinance to rid streets of long-parked cars

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Get cars off the street was the message from the American Falls City Council. The council aims to have a parking ordinance with more teeth in time for a hearing on Wednesday, May 18. Parking was one of the main discussions at the city council meeting on Wednesday, March 2.

The problem is that some cars are parked on city streets for long periods of time, becoming a nuisance for neighbors and the city maintenance crews. The current ordinance lets offenders have 24 hours to remedy the situation. But moving the car might mean the car stays on city streets. …

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2 comments for “City jump starts ordinance to rid streets of long-parked cars

  1. jim diorio
    April 4, 2016 at 9:21 am

    At last someone is addressing this nightmare. This disaster has been looming for years, to the point where it is nothing less than a bottomless sinkhole of human failure and untold wasted resources. It demands a radical solution immediately, and if it calls for the complete overhaul of the entire system that led to its festering bile contaminating everything it touches, so be it.

  2. Alex Tarasau
    April 22, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    I certainly understand city needs money hence the registration fee was almost doubled recently etc.However, unlike Las Vegas or New York,American Falls has plenty of parking spaces.And I would not say that the problem is real.And would not refer to it as “nightmare”.For last 5 years of my residence here I never had an issue parking,or passing between parked vehicles.Certain drivers are slower than others,some are not aware of what STOP sign signifies,but you meet those folks everywhere.
    There is nothing malicious in owning few older vehicles in good repair and using them sparingly.
    The only time I see it can become a real issue (worth towing at owner’s expense and fining) is if parked vehicle is blocking an important entry or exit , or is parked on a private property against the will of property owner.

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