P.C. prosecutor, commissioner face opposition in local races

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

Two Power County races, both with incumbents, will be contested in this year’s elections.

Most notably, Prosecutor Ryan Petersen is running for reelection against Power County Conflict Public Defender Abe Luca. Since both are running on the Republican ticket, that election will be decided during the primary to be held on Tuesday, May 17.

Also in a contested race is Commissioner Delane Anderson, who will be running for reelection against perennial candidate Lynn Scherer. Scherer has run for the same commissioner seat numerous times. Anderson was elected in 2010 after defeating incumbent Ken Estep. He won reelection in 2012.

Since Anderson is running as a Republican and Scherer as an independent, they will be voted on in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Commissioner Bill Lasley is running again with no contender. He was first elected in 2014. Sheriff Jim Jeffries is …

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