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Our City
by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

In response to some comments and phone calls that were made last week about my intended compliment to Lusk Plumbing for being so successful, I will simply say: Great job Seth Lusk at getting the new fresh food sink in at the Willow Bay Café last week. Your extra efforts do not go unnoticed and are very much appreciated by all of your customers. Since I have known you as a middle school student you have always had a tremendous work ethic and an easy way with people. Those two traits have carried over into your professional career and business will continue to serve you along with those you work for very well. Thanks, too, for opening the door for a current student of mine, Bridger Bammert, who is working as your beginning apprentice. He is very much like you when you were that age. Thanks again, Seth, for your excellent and timely work at Willow Bay. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I hope this compliment is direct enough that it cannot be misunderstood.

On another positive note, I need to extend more compliments to our city crews. In talking with public works coordinator Jeremy Peirsol last week, he made a point to tell me that efforts and cooperation of all of our employees saw one of the most productive weeks in the past year. Street, water and wastewater crews are again cleaning alleys of overgrown trees and shrubs so that the wastewater department can begin servicing our sewer lines and manholes. Please, do not confuse this with the spring cleanup that will begin toward the end of April or first of May. Please do not pile your yard cleaning debris in the alley yet. It will make the sewer maintenance efforts much more difficult than necessary.

There will be plenty of notice prior to the spring cleanup for you to get all your trimmings transferred neatly to the alley. I will remind you to please not put your yard debris in plastic bags, but pile it out of the way on your side of the alley. This will make it easier for our crews to pick it up with a loader and place it in the dump truck.

Street superintendent Darren Dahlke will be purchasing a sweeper attachment for our skid loader so that it can be used instead of manually sweeping our sidewalks, curbs and gutters. It can even be used in those times of light snows to clear sidewalks instead of using a blade. The street department will also begin patching the potholes around town soon.

Parks and recreation superintendent Cody Moldenhauer will be buying a smaller slightly used spray coup for the city. The spray coup will be used to apply fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators over all the city’s grassy areas and trees. All four application processes will allow the city to become more efficient in the use of equipment and labor. It currently takes two employees to spray and apply fertilizer. The coup will require only one employee. Through the application of plant growth regulators in strategic places, mowing can be reduced by almost half; again saving on labor and equipment usage. Because of the archaic spray equipment we currently use the application of plant growth regulators has not been possible. Their use is considered to be among the best management practices of many cities for the very reasons I previously stated. Plant growth regulators simply control how fast plants, in our case grass, grow. We want to slow down how fast our grass grows so it requires less mowing and will often grow healthier, especially in the spring and early summer.

A couple of things took place in last week’s city council meeting that you may find interesting. First, if you or someone you know drives an electric car, you will soon be able to charge it at the Willow Bay Campground for a small fee. The city council will be holding a public hearing on the proposed fee of $5 for a three hour charge on April 6. I doubt that I will ever have an all-electric car, but I think it’s pretty cool that those who do may make Willow Bay a destination initially for charging their car, but find themselves right next to great food at the café and several recreational opportunities to take advantage of as their car charges. Thanks, Arnold Burgemeister, for the great suggestion.

I received a phone call from my friend Tom Brown who works at Lamb Weston and is an Idaho State University graduate. Tommy asked me if the city would donate a golf pass to the ISU Foundation auction. I told him that the council typically didn’t make those kinds of donations but that I would put it on last week’s agenda for discussion. As it turned out, Cody Moldenhauer was present at the meeting to discuss the purchase of the spray coup. As the council discussed the donation, not favorably I should add, Cody made the suggestion that a ten round punch card could be purchased from the golf advertising line in the budget. This made perfect sense, because it would be a great advertising opportunity for the course. Also Tamby Gilley, who was also at the meeting, indicated that she and Scott Ploussard, the concessionaire at the café, would be willing to pitch in to make a very inviting package. The ISU Bengal Foundation package will include the golf punch card, two nights of complete hook up at the campground and dinner for two at the café.

So many cool things are possible when folks choose to work together. It is one of the things that I truly love about this community. As the first days of spring are upon us, I look forward to more productive partnerships and projects. As the grass greens, the buds break and so much life starts anew, I hope that each of us can find and praise the positive contributions that those around us make. Happy Easter one and all.

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