Hospital will ask taxpayers for $15.25 million bond for extensive remodel

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

The Power County Hospital will ask taxpayers for $15.25 million in the November election for extensive renovations to the hospital.

Improving health care workflows is really behind the need for the remodel, said Power County Hospital Administrator Dallas Clinger.

“Back in 1961, it was common to have hospital wards with four to six people sharing a room,” Clinger said. “Now people expect a private room with a bathroom and a sink. That’s just not what we have.”

The hospital has not had a major renovation in its 55 year history, said Jacklyn Taylor, an administrative assistant at the hospital, to the American Falls Chamber of Commerce in its meeting on Thursday, April 21.

“There’s not been a lot of change or renovations since that time, but a lot has changed in health care and the way it’s delivered in the last 55 years,” Taylor said.

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