Ballots for everyone at primary election on Tuesday, May 17

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Local voters will be served to a ballot buffet on Tuesday, May 17. They can choose from ballots for the Democrat, Republican or Constitution parties primaries. And there is plenty for independents to vote for on a nonpartisan ballot too.

A voter guide on each candidate for local contested races is inside this week’s Press, as well as sample ballots and polling places.

The election will be held at standard county polling places. Call the county clerk’s office at 226-7611 for specific polling places and other voter information, or go to the Power County website at and find the clerk’s office under the “Departments” drop down menu. Early voting is going on at the Power County Courthouse until Friday, May 13. Applications for mailed absentee ballots must be received Wednesday, May 11 and retuned to the clerk’s office no later than Tuesday, May 17.

The Republican and Constitution party ballots for their primary election are closed. This means that voters who have affiliated with other parties at the county level cannot vote in the Republican or Constitution primaries. The deadline to change party affiliation has passed.

However, voters who have not declared their affiliation to a party can affiliate at the election or at the courthouse before the election to receive a ballot for the Republican or Constitution parties. The Democratic ballot is open to anyone without the affiliation requirement.

Every ballot will include two questions for a bond for the American Falls School District. One is for a $12.5 million for a new school building at the American Falls Intermediate School location. The other is for a new gym at the American Falls High School. …

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