Council, police department discuss dispatch through Bingham County

by Jessica Monahan

Times staff writer

Aberdeen Police Chief Chuck Carroll has done some research and is confident that one of the best moves for the Aberdeen Police Department is to dispatch through control in Bingham County. Carroll said not only would it save money for the police department, it will save money for the fire department as well.

It would be free for Aberdeen to dispatch through Bingham County with a five-year contract. One of the reasons it would be free is Aberdeen would agree to patrol three miles outside of city limits and take emergency calls up to five miles out in the county. A decision was not made by the city council. A special meeting was set for Tuesday, May 24, at 7 p.m.

Carroll was not present at the meeting but Corporal David Mack and Officer Zach Monahan were both there and were asked by members of the city council what they thought about the possible change. Mack and Monahan both told the city council members they thought the move to Bingham County would be good for everyone and although some individuals would be losing their jobs they are asking for the switch to be made.

According to Mack, when one of the officers initiates a traffic stop the average time through Aberdeen dispatch is six to seven minutes which they feel is a safety issue. Mack said there are many times at a traffic stop the individual has a warrant. When dispatching through Aberdeen that gives …

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