Vandalism raises its ugly head

Our City

by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

As I ride the bus home from Moscow and state FFA events I am thankful that Howard Wiesenberger is at the wheel as I sort through all the city emails I received throughout the week.

In what I hope is an isolated incident, vandalism has raised its ugly head for the first time this summer. It appears that someone thinks the golf course doubles as an off-road course as skid and peel out marks were left on both sides of the lower end of Oregon Trail as it passes through the golf course. Apparently someone thought the ADA picnic table would be better suited someplace else so they tore the anchor bolts out of the concrete in the shelter at Willow Bay and moved it over by one of the fire pits. Things must have got heated from there as six rolls of toilet paper were strung and matted throughout the restroom with multiple used disgusting items thrown in for good measure. As fine as our police officers are they could really use your help in cases like this.

I am asking that if you see such events happening, please just make a simple 911 call. If these types of incidents persist we will be forced to close the restrooms and deploy porta pots as they are cheaper to maintain. Thank you for any help you can lend in preventing these and other types of vandalism and defacement of public and private properties.

Preliminary budget work continues with department superintendents and their respective city council members. Our first full budget workshop/meeting will be held this Wednesday prior to the recessed city council meeting. I look forward to a productive discussion.

Within the street department work continued this last week as Hillcrest Avenue saw its repairs completed while trouble spots on Adams Street were also patched. I have to say the first block of McKinley Street is 100 percent better than I have ever seen it; and my Dad always used to say, “You could make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Maybe you can after all. Well done street department! You may have also noticed that our gravel roads look almost like they have been paved; outstanding! Superintendent Daren Dahlke and Public Works Coordinator Jeremy Peirsol are working with Don Haskins and the folks at the Power County Highway District to coordinate a great deal of chip sealing on many of our primary streets.

On the greener side our grounds crew is trimming trees at Willow Bay, the golf course and Lee Street Park. In areas that require weed abatement “roundup” is being applied. And, Hadlee Anderson will begin her summer long maintenance project on the parking strips along Idaho Street and the flower beds throughout the parks. Peirsol continues to work with the engineers from the U.S. Tennis Association as funds become secured to complete the restoration of those facilities.

In a continuing effort that we all may make American Falls look a bit better, I have again asked the historical commission to survey our city’s homes and properties to find those that are truly worthy of the city’s Best Yard recognition for late Spring and Summer. Results will be announced in the June 29 edition of The Power County Press.

Superintendent Pete Cortez is working on solving a few developing issues at the wastewater treatment plant. As a broad general overview, bacteria are used to break down the waste as it is processed. Some of the bacteria require oxygen; others in the process do not. Those requiring oxygen are getting too much, which caused the development of a filamentous bacteria which in turn clogs the filters that clean the water. Oxygen output by the blowers cannot be reduced any lower to prevent the production of the filter clogging bacteria so chlorine injectors may need to be installed as chlorine will kill the bacteria. It will kill all the associated bacteria, which causes its own set of problems if done in excess, just like too much oxygen creates the original problem. Just like kids with too much time and energy on their hands foul up the other end of the system with toilet paper and other disgusting items; too much of a good thing tends to create problems at both ends of the proverbial spectrum.

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