Synopsis of P.C. Commission minutes

Published in The Power County Press June 22, 2016.
Synopsis of Minutes for May 23, 2016
A complete set of minutes are on file at the Power County Courthouse, American Falls, Idaho. The complete minutes are also available online at
Meeting convened at 9:02 a.m.
The Board discussed the Conflict Public Defender contract, Annex Building Concerns, and the Rockland Transfer Station.
Agenda was amended to include discussion of payroll updates and then approved. Funds to backfill any necessary funds up to a $1,000.00 for the sexual assault nurse examiner training from the Commissioners consultation expense budget line was approved. Surplus property disbursement for the Ambulance District and Emergency Services was approved. The Treasurer reports were accepted.  Election result canvass was accepted.
Resolution 2016-02 authorizing destruction of records for the Treasurer was executed.
The following claims were submitted and paid (a detailed report is available in the Clerk’s Office):
Fund        Amount Paid
0001      GENERAL FUND (CURRENT EXPENSE)     $    15,298.08
0003      FAIR BOARD     $        $230.76
0004      POWER COUNTY AMBULANCE DIST.     $       2,067.75
0006      DISTRICT COURT     $       5,086.73
0008      JUSTICE FUND     $       7,572.60
0009      MISDEMEANOR PROB/DRUG COURT     $       1,833.57
0010      ENHANCED 911 SERVICES     $       1,684.33
0015      ELECTIONS     $       5,423.40
0016      INDIGENT     $     12,256.54
0020      REVALUATION     $       7,151.85
0023      SOLID WASTE (LANDFILL)     $      18,030.30
0027      WEEDS     $           614.85
0038      WATERWAYS     $             95.49
0050      PAYMENT IN LIEU OF TAXES     $      25,811.38
$   101,473.30
An Indigent claim was denied. Certificates of Residency were approved.
The Power County Investment Committee re-invested funds in the amount of $150,000.00.
Commissioner meeting minutes for May 9, 2016, were approved.
Patrol and maintenance of the East Fork Campgrounds were discussed with Fish and Game and will be revisited after July.
Herd District Procedures were discussed and will be revisited at the next meeting.
Personnel, Indigent, Building Permit legal advice.
Next regular session for the board to meet is slated for June 13, 2016.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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