Aberdeen closes some roads to traffic for the school district

Aberdeen City Council members agreed to some of the road closures for Aberdeen School District at the meeting held Tuesday, July 12. They want members of the community to be aware that they will not be closing any roads that are not already closed to the public. The vacating roads will be: 6th West between Fremont and Oneida, 10 feet on the north side of Fremont from 5th West to Powerline. Vacating alleys will be: between 5th and 6th West between Fremont and Oneida, 6th West and Powerline between Fremont and Oneida, and 6th West and Powerline between Fremont and Custer.

Open Budget

Council members approved the request to open the budget for 2016, moving funds from the general to the streets in the amount of $54,000 for a street sweeper.

Rotary club president

Rotary Club President Herb Bohrer, presented to council members that he would like to get Cliff Wride, who was the first mayor of Aberdeen, recognized for his dedication of getting Sportsman’s Access opened in Aberdeen. Bohrer feels that this end of the county needs to be recognized and acknowledged. Bohrer has been in contact with Bingham County and feels there shouldn’t be any road blocks in their way. Bohrer would like to see if Bingham County will allow a name change of Sportsman’s Access to be changed to “Cliff Wride Sportsman’s Access”. If everything is approved through Bingham County, Rotary Club members will have a stone placed somewhere on the premises describing Wride and others who helped get Sportsman’s…
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