David R. Mack promoted to Sergeant

Chief Charles Carroll promoted David R. Mack to the rank of Sergeant after 12 years of service to the community of Aberdeen. Carroll asked the wife of Mack, Genie Mack to present the first set of stripes to her husband. Carroll than presented Mack with the next set of stripes. Carroll wanted to thank Mack for his hard work and support he shows the community. Mack said he will continue to work hard for the citizens of Aberdeen.

Dallas Clinger spoke with councilmen about the bond for Power County Hospital. Clinger is aware that Aberdeen is not in the district so will not be voting but wanted to let councilmen know of the changes they would like to make and hope the word spreads. Power County Hospital has been in that building for 55 years with Clinger being the administrator for 10 years. Virtually in the last 55 years they have made no major changes to the building, completing only the things that have broken along the way and keeping it painted. They plan to make changes where the ambulance will come in, raising the helipad up by one level, updates to the electrical system and adding additional space to the building. Most of the building is going to be remodeled except for a few storage areas. The extra footage of the building will help alleviate some of the issues with the nursing home area where some family members may not want their parent to share a room and others do. The hospital is licensed for 20 beds. Nursing home patients currently have to use a community bathroom. The hospital would like to keep it at 20 beds but would like 16 separate rooms with their own bathroom facility. With this change they will be able to accommodate those individuals who want a private room, those who would like a roommate and the occasional husband and wife who come in the facility at the same time needing assistance.

Overall the project is $15.25 million dollars which will be voted on in November where they ask the community to pay for that. Estimated at $1.20 per thousand. Clinger is aware that citizens of Aberdeen cannot vote in November but has asked if we can spread the word on hopes to help it pass.

When the bond is passed, architects will take roughly a year to build the plan and say two years to build the building with a move in time somewhere around 2020. The facility will still be open all year round until completion of the new hospital.

If there are any questions, call Dallas or Jackie 208-226-3200 ex: 127. You can also view detailed plans of the remodel at www.pchd.net.

City clerk treasurer Linda Balls spoke about III-A Joint Powers who administers the medical insurance plan. III-A has agreed to allow Police and Fire to join the plan. Aberdeen Police and Fire Department are already members. Approval was needed for the Mayor Larry Barrett to sign the Addendum Agreement. Approval was given.

Accepting Ordinance 307- The budget was opened for the street sweeper. Motion was made to pass ordinance 307 and wave all required readings….

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