Chamber, Workman owed apology

To the editor,

I recently read letters in The Power County Press written by Mrs. Kim Petersen and Ms. Monica Claunch regarding an incident during the American Falls Days parade. I would like to respond to their comments.

I participated in the parade, arriving at 8:45 a.m. to set up my float, as did many others. I have been in many parades, and when a participant shows up late, they are instructed to line up behind those who arrived before them. Fifteen minutes before the parade was to begin, U.S. Senator Mike Crapo arrived and requested to pull in next to the Republican Party’s float, cutting in line ahead of those who had arrived earlier.

In fairness, and to keep the parade moving smoothly, Mr. Workman, who was one of the people in charge of directing the parade, asked Sen. Crapo to pull in at the end of the line. As I understand it, Sen. Crapo had no problem with this, showing respect to all those who arrived before him.

I later learned that, after the parade had begun, Power County Prosecutor Ryan Petersen left his GOP float and angrily stormed over to Mr. Workman, demanding Sen. Crapo be allowed to cut ahead of those who had lined up an hour earlier. As witnessed by other chamber parade organizers, after Mr. Workman explained that this would not be possible due to safety and fairness issues, Mr. Petersen started to return to his float but turned and again confronted Mr. Workman, yelling profanities and accusing him of hating people of the LDS faith. Another chamber organizer told Mr. Petersen to return to his float, but Petersen continued to rage. Only after another chamber organizer radioed for police assistance did Mr. Petersen return to his float.

In their letters, Mrs. Petersen and Ms. Claunch attacked Mr. Workman’s character, placing the blame for Mr. Petersen’s poor conduct squarely on Mr. Workman. Those letters are not factual to what truly occurred.

I have known Mr. Workman for a few years. He volunteers tirelessly, and I greatly admire his leadership skills. If anyone is owed an apology, it is the chamber of commerce organizers and, specifically, Kurtis Workman from Mr. Petersen for his unbecoming conduct in front of so many parade participants and families.

Hats-off to the American Falls Chamber volunteers for hosting a great parade and events.

Mike Saville




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