Fallout has been amazing

by Lance Earl

It has been ten days since I released the news of the sexual affair between Senator Jim Guthrie and Representative Christy Perry. The fallout has been amazing.

Rep. Perry’s response was disgusting and insulting. She indicated that she was in crisis; turned to a fellow legislator and made a terrible mistake two years ago. A terrible mistake two years ago may have led to a one time event, an oops, an oh crap, a boo boo. A multi-year affair is not a mistake; it is a choice, it is a lifestyle. I have information which indicates that Perry played her nasty little game until she got caught earlier this year.

Have you experienced a crisis in your life? Did you use that crisis to justify disgusting, immoral and illegal behavior that jeopardized your spouse, your children, your friends, the people? Or… did you choose a higher road?

Perry continued by condemning me by stating that my story was “disgustingly brutal”. In truth, her self-gratifying actions were disgustingly brutal to her husband, her children, her constituents, the people of Idaho and the reputation of the legislature.

Finally, Perry stated that my story was “NOT accurate”. I hereby demand, and I hope that the people of her district will join me, in demanding a list of every allegation of inaccuracy. I don’t think she can and that is why I believe she won’t. Check mate!

Guthrie has gone into hiding. Multiple newspapers have reported that court documents reveal his admission that he did have an affair but denied that his infidelity contributed to the failure of his marriage. Does anyone believe that? Is it even possible that a cheater can have a secret life that includes daily lies, deception, betrayal and covering of one’s tracks without causing tension and discord in a marriage? Is it possible for a person to show true devotion to a spouse while thinking only of the other girl?

I first learned of the Guthrie affair in January of 2016. As a result, I began sniffing around, but did not have enough to release the story until this last week. The point is this. If I knew, others knew. Others in the Bannock GOP had to know. Others in the state GOP had to know. Others in the legislature had to know. Others with a variety of interests and agendas had to know.

What if, instead of sharing this story with the people, I had arranged private but separate meetings with Guthrie and Perry? What if, while in those meetings, I had shared enough of the dirt so that they knew that I knew? What if in weeks, months and years to come, I contacted them to demand a vote, an action, an inaction and more? Would my voice have more power than yours? Who could exert the greater influence? And, is that right?

Others had to know. The difference is that I brought the story into the open… the others did not. Have the actions of Guthrie and Perry been influenced and manipulated by their covert handlers? In my mind, there is no question.

In this past week, I have been pleased by the general response of the people. The radio response has been dismal except by Nate Shelman at KBOI in Boise. Newspaper responses were appalling. None told the whole story. Most credited an unnamed blogger. A few credited the blogger, Lance Earl, and only two that I could find, mentioned my website address. All, however, left the people of Idaho with only part of the story. The people have a right to know. THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!

Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House, and Brent Hill, Senate President Pro Tempore, have launched individual investigations into the actions of their members. Both are focusing only on possible misuses of state money. Representative Kelley Packer, Representative Julie VanOrden, and Senator Roy Lacey are making excuses and thereby granting Guthrie and Perry a pass. None are willing to address the larger issues.

Therefore, it falls to the people to do what is right.

Idaho Constitution Article 3, Section 24 speaks of the legislature’s duty to promote “the virtue and sobriety of the people, and the purity of the home”. Guthrie and Perry violated their oath to the Constitution.

Idaho Title 18 Chapter 66 declares that adultery is a crime, a felony with punishments up to three years in the state penitentiary and a fine of up to $1000. Can we afford lawmakers that are unwilling to follow the law?

I want to be clear about this. By their actions, Guthrie and Perry have declared that they are above their solemnly pledged oaths. By their actions, they have declared that they are above the laws of Idaho. By their actions or inactions, Bedke, Hill, Packer, VanOrden and Lacey have declared precisely the same thing.

If we are going to make a change for good, it must come from the people. Actions of the legislature and our legislators have proven them to be incapable.

In closing, I would like to address those few who have stated that I should have respected the privacy of Guthrie and Perry. Do they have a right to privacy while desecrating their oath of office? Do they have a right to privacy while desecrating the declared duties of the legislature as defined in the Idaho Constitution? Do they have a right to privacy while intentionally committing a FELONY in the state of Idaho? You Decide.

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