Beach retires after 22 years at Aberdeen Elementary

Irene Beach had the pleasure of teaching many children throughout her 22 years at Aberdeen Elementary. Beach hasn’t actually gone into retirement mode just yet, with her recent training at Aberdeen Middle school she will be able to continue her love of reading by specializing with children who struggle with reading.

Beach was born and raised in Aberdeen, being the oldest of nine siblings she took on a lot of responsibility getting her siblings lunches made and getting them to class on time. One of her favorite teachers she remembers growing up in Aberdeen is Gloy Wride.

Beach is the proud mother of two boys and three beautiful grandchildren she loves more than anything in this world. “I have a bunch of grand dogs, but I won’t go into that,” Beach said.

When Beach grew up she moved to Hollyridge, LA, and lived there for 22 years. Returning home to Aberdeen she decided to peruse her dream of teaching that she left. She attended ISU to get her degree in K-12 reading in elementary education. After graduation she returned home to Aberdeen to begin her 22 years of service to Aberdeen Elementary. …

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