My Home

by Dana May; inspired by Dorothy May (Rockland Valley)
Have you ever seen Rockland Valley, on an enchanting summer evening before the night?
as bright colors crowd the sky and fill the horizon with awe inspiring light?
Or right before the harvest, as the wind dances with the golden wheat?
and the sun’s life warming rays, sparkle a top the rock creek as they meet?
Have you ever seen Rockland Valley, on a peaceful day in the fall?
As the Lord takes his feathered brush and paints the mountains tall?
Have you felt the crispness in the autumn air, meeting the morning sun?
as the gentle breeze of an Indian Summer reminds you, that a new time has begun?
Have you ever seen Rockland Valley, as a winter wonderland?
As snow covered mountains glisten, a picture so grand?
Have you gazed upon the moon and the stars, so bright?
As they shine over Rockland Valley on a cold, clear winter night?
Have you ever seen Rockland Valley, during the life giving season of spring?
as gentle rain storms, give life to every living thing?
And beheld the transformation, of the earth made new?
witnessing the lush green landscape covered in diamond-sparkling morning dew?
Have you ever seen Rockland Valley, and the kind people who there dwell?
As they treat you with love and friendship and only wish you well?
and experience the kindness of the heart-warmed people there?
As you may experience burdens, but alone you will not bare.
I’ve seen this Rockland Valley and far from it my soul will not roam.
Tis a gem set in the mountains, the place I call home.
Oh God, when my time comes, don’t give me paradise a grand.
Please give me this Rockland Valley, please give me my homeland.

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