Tell your own story or lesser man will ruin it

To the editor,

“Tell your own story or the lesser man will ruin it” comes to mind as I read an article in the August 31 edition of The Press.

When one can take upon himself to destroy another man’s character with a sword in one hand, (a pen in this case) and pat himself on the back with the other, for declaration that the public has the “right to know” leaves to wonder if such a man spends every waking hour of the day seeking darkness?

The Constitution much like the Ten Commandments has accountability that I can not, nor will I deny, both being accountable to God. However, must I remind you of a certain Biblical story that suggests that if you are without sin “to cast the first stone”? For without belief in God, repentance would have no value, forgiveness would be unnecessary and certainly unreal. But there is a God, one who is kind, loving and certainly real. Above that, He is just and merciful.

Clearly, Senator Jim Guthrie knows of his own faults without it being displayed to every newspaper across the West. But so does His Creator…whom he will be accountable to, just the same as you and I will be.

Let me share my story of Sen. Guthrie, who has within, been not only a friend, a counselor of state governmental issues, but also as a representative of POWER COUNTY.

What you don’t know, nor ever makes the front page, are the good things this man accomplishes. From the floor of the Senate in dealing with issuing of laws that will affect us back home is a man who is in continual contact with a board of county commissioners, by texting, emails and sometimes by phone.

He listens, we debate, we compromise, and accordingly he makes a difference. If you think for one minute that Power County could sustain a full personal property tax repeal, think again. WE WOULD BE BROKE! And the burden could never be sustained by shifting to real property. He knows that and understands that completely. He has our back. Now, is he perfect in his personal life? No, Did he error? Yes, Is he paying the price? I suspect so, but I don’t need to know. But I do know that forgiveness is just, real, and warranted by me.

I will let that judgment be administered by one who has more power and authority that you or I… or you can choose to cast the first stone.

Now you know my story.

Power County Commissioner Delane Anderson


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