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Aberdeen Airport EA

The City completed an Airport Master Plan update in 2010. This Master Plan identified the need to extend and relocate the runway at the airport. In addition to the runway construction, this project would require the acquisition of additional property and closure or relocation of a portion of S 3000 W on the west side of the airport. Due to the size and nature of this project and the fact that the work will be funded by a federal grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), an Environmental Assessment (EA) is required. The EA process officially began with the kickoff meeting held at the City Council Meeting. The work will be completed by a consulting team led by T-O Engineers of Meridian.

The first step in this process will be to validate and, if necessary, refine the planning developed in 2010. This will include evaluating the existing traffic at the airport and developing forecasts of future activity. Based on those forecasts, the runway length and configuration will be considered and verified. Another significant aspect of this phase of the project will be to coordinate with Bingham County regarding S 3000 W, to determine if closure of that road is still acceptable to the county, or if an alternate solution is necessary. This process may result in an alternative different from the proposed improvements shown in the 2010 Master Plan. The outcome of the planning evaluation will be presented to the Council and public at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Following the validation of planning, the environmental assessment process will begin. This process is prescribed by the FAA, and includes: identifying the purpose and need for the project; describing the alternatives considered; defining the affected environment; evaluating environmental consequences of the proposed project; preparation and publication of a draft EA; and publication of a final EA document. The main focus of this effort will be …

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