Scams we live with

To the editor,

How many of us would like a person stealing a $1000 from us? Yet many buy ‘organic’ food which is totally a scam. As a research scientist in food production all my career I know those who profess that ‘organic’ is best do not know the facts.

Another scam of major proportions is ‘climate change is man caused’.

The media and many people including several scientists (but the minority) believe there is global warming and that it is man-caused. I believe after my discussions with climatologists and scientists and a personal review of credible climate literature that warming may be occurring but it is not caused by man. It is a normal cyclic or natural phenomenon. Carbon dioxide is not the major issue, though it may be correlated. Many say the ‘global warming’ issue is a political agenda- for money sake. It is not science based. It is a money scavenging scam.

One reputable scientific think tank, The Heartland Institute, have shown that most scientists, including climate scientists, do not believe ‘global warming’ is caused by man/CO2. In fact, increasing CO2 levels may be beneficial to our earth by increasing plant productivity. I am a scientist trained in chemistry, biochemistry, plant physiology, ecology and crop and soil science. I have also studied climate information for many years. When politicians or others make ‘climate change’ a major issue, we know they are being swayed by money and/or inaccurate information. Let’s move toward truth rather than sensationalism as is ‘climate change rhetoric’. There are much more important issues to spend time and money on. If you are interested in how scientists think about the global warming issue, read ‘Why scientists Disagree About Global Warming’, by Idso, Carter and Singer, 2015. The Heartland Institute.

Maybe we tolerate such scams and even embrace them because we are too affluent as a society.

Lloyd Haderlie

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