Should chickens and rabbits be allowed in city limits?

Jeremy Marley came to council meeting with the hopes that the councilmen would approve poultry and rabbits in city limits. “I am not certain why the regulations are in place as most of the other cities in Idaho moved to allow them,” said Marley on the topic of poultry and rabbits in city limits. Marley lives in city limits and would like the opportunity to have chickens and or rabbits at his home for 4-H purposes for his children. Marley said that Aberdeen and American Falls are the only cities in Southeastern Idaho that do not allow chickens in city limits.

Marley is aware that there will be people with concerns and questions about the chickens. The questions are as follows; Will allowing chickens in the city make the people of Aberdeen sick? Marley found that the evidence is to the contrary and having a protein food source in town would be beneficial for those in need. If individuals wash their hands after touching the chickens than salmonella would not be a problem. Will allowing chickens hurt Aberdeen’s economy? Marley said, “Many small communities are reporting that allowing five to 10 chickens was not only beneficial for their economy but also started groups of people who wanted to venture into other things like farmer’s markets, art shows and 4-H groups.” Will it be messy? “I thought this would be a big concern for the …

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