Aberdeen School District doing well financially, auditor says

Financial Auditor Morgan Hatt informed Aberdeen School Board members Elaine Blik, Todd Lowder, Mike Shackelford and Braden Driscoll Wednesday, Oct. 19, on the results of the annual audit performed for fiscal year ending June 30. He discussed how the fund balance has increased over the last four years with supplemental levies and good financial management contributing to this increase.

Hatt said the district has made huge progress and is doing extremely well financially. The trustees said they appreciate the patrons support. It has helped the school district so they could get in a good financial situation.

He recommended that the district should maintain a high fund balance to have a month of reserves for payroll and expenses as well as funds available for unforeseen costs associated with the high school construction project.

Trustees approved the audit.

Superintendent’s report

Superintendent Jane Ward reported the construction on the vocational building was put on hold until the steel for the building was approved by the engineers. That process took longer than expected but the steel has finally been approved. Construction on the building will not begin until January because there are no contractors available until then. Putting the building up takes special contractors and currently they are all busy.

The water lines are in the floor and the footings are in. Idaho Power…

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