Bingham County has only one contested race

Voters head to polls Tuesday, Nov. 8

Bingham County has only one contested race this year. That race is for Bingham County Sheriff. All other county races are uncontested. Nevertheless, voters will need to cast their ballots on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Included on the ballot is other state offices that are contested and the office of the United States President.

Running for president are republican Donald J. Trump and democratic Hillary Rodham Clinton, libertarian party Gary Johnson, constitution party Scott Copeland, and independents Rocky De La Fuente, Evan McMullin, Jill Stein and Darrell L. Castle.

Running for United States Senator are Mike Crapo, republican, Jerry Sturgill, democrat and Ray J. Writz, constitution. Running for representative is Jennifer Martinez, democrat, Mike Simpson, republican and Anthony Tomkins, constitution.

In the uncontested state races, R. Steven Bair is running for senator in district 31, Neil A. Anderson is running for representative in district 31 position A and Julie VanOrden is running for representative in district 31 position B.

The uncontested county commissioner races are: Whitney Manwaring for a four year term in second district and Ladd Carter for a two year term in third district. …

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