Citizens discuss water bond

by Preston Crompton
Press Staff Writer

The Power County Commissioners were at the American Falls Library on Wednesday, Oct. 26, to answer questions and comments as well as inform community members on the water bond.

“The only way American Falls can have any future is if we get these water rights,” said commissioner Delane Anderson.

During the meeting, questions were brought up on tax prices for homeowners and what happens to the bond if it isn’t passed.

During that time, commissioner Anderson, as well as Ryan Petersen and Bill Lasley were present, while chairman Ron Funk wasn’t available and other members promoting the bond were in other areas endorsing it.

The opportunity to purchase these water rights spawns from Magnida, the fertilizer plant, selling its 6,000 acre feet of industrial water rights. Upon encouragement from the community to acquire the rights, the county approached Magnida who has agreed to let the county attempt to purchase the rights first.

The county is open to providing $2 million of the $10 million price from existing funds. In the flier that was passed out it also says, “Power County owning the water rights would impact future economic growth, offset mitigation for American Falls and local irrigators and lease revenues could be used to pay off bonds early.” …

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