Could Gateway West move south?

BLM needs to revisit sage grouse maps

and move the route, attorney says

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

The Bureau of Land Management had plans set for the Gateway West Transmission Line to run through Power County. But a provision buried in the BLM’s plan might still upend the route. That provision states the plan could be revisited in the event of further sage grouse studies.

Those further sage grouse studies have happened, yet the BLM will not revisit the routes of the project, said Doug Balfour. Balfour is an attorney who represents Power County and Guardians of Agricultural Land (GOAL), a group of private landowners who oppose the line.

Balfour wrote a letter in protest because the BLM has not revisited the plan, and he hopes he can meet with BLM officials about revisiting the route soon.

Power County and GOAL want the transmission lined moved. Instead of two lines running through the county, one line would head far south, running along the Utah/Idaho border until heading north again. …

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