The sky is the limit

To the editor,

I just want to say, “Thank You” to the leaders and people of American Falls for all you have given me over the past 10 years. As I leave American Falls to follow my wife’s promotion at the Farm Service Agency, I leave behind dozens of lifelong friends from my days here.

I am profoundly grateful to those who had faith in me to give me an opportunity, to those with whom I worked (past and present), and the volunteers who were the engine of my programs and projects in organized recreation and community development.

There is a wealth of talent in American Falls and with the sense of community here, the sky is the limit. I believe the nation as a whole could look into small town America and learn a great deal about working together to make things better for everyone.

American Falls will long be considered my home, along with the place I grew up. Once again, thank you, American Falls, for all you have given my family and me over the years.

Jeremy Peirsol

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