‘Tweener season keeps A.F. city crews hustling

Our City
by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

For as short as the work week was last week it seemed busy enough within the city departments. As the weather last week remained of the ‘tweener season, not quite fall or winter, fall cleanup and winter preparations continued in the parks, golf and street departments, while progress and vigilance continues in the water and wastewater department.

Progress continues at Willow Bay as landscaping and irrigation installation wraps up in the old campground. Pumping repairs also continue in the café as the floor drain within the building needs to be repaired after having collapsed on itself in a few places. On the grounds at Willow Bay and throughout the parks and golf course, superintendent Cody Moldenhauer and Chris Fehringer continue to mulch and clean up leaves. They also completed the winterization of the department’s equipment.

Organized recreation director Fehringer got the boys grades four through six organized and their equipment distributed. He is also preparing for kindergarten through third grade youth basketball at St. John’s Lutheran Church. For those still young at heart but older otherwise, arrangements are beginning to secure the use of the gym at William Thomas Middle School for adult volleyball.

Like the grounds department, Daren Dahlke and the street department continue to clean up leaves from our streets; so much so in fact that a bearing needed to be replaced on the Elgin sweepers and the brooms changed out on the Pelican. Along with the fixes to the sweepers, city mechanic Larry Wright completed converting our dump trucks to snow plows in anticipation of snow this last weekend and this week as the ‘tweener season comes to an end.

Underneath it all a downstream camera inspection of sewer line zone one was completed last week and work began in zone two. You may recall our issue at the wastewater treatment plant regarding dissolved oxygen and regulating bacteria levels in the process basin. With luck, those issues should be laid to rest as the new turbo blower is due to arrive on site Wednesday of this week, which will allow for reduced levels of oxygen in the basins and proper bacterial growth. Work also continues on the final stage of the wastewater treatment process in the ultraviolet processing building. With a bit of luck and timing, both the new blower and UV system should come on line within a matter of weeks, just in time for real winter and the Christmas holidays.

Street superintendent Daren Dahlke and his crew of merry men will be out and about putting up the Christmas street lights throughout our downtown in preparation for the chamber of commerce’s Christmas Festival Saturday, Dec. 3, and the holiday season. More information on the festival is contained within this edition of The Press. I hope to see you all there as I know it will be even better than ever.

On the following Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 10 and 11, my elves and I will be conducting our annual survey of lights. The results of the survey will be published in the Wednesday, Dec. 14, edition of The Press. As mayor, a dad and grandpa, this is truly one of the things I enjoy the most about the Christmas season. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the true spirit of the season with family, friends, and loved ones.

On that note I extend my thanks to the many folks who chose to express their appreciation of last week’s column to me personally; you confirm my belief that more unites us than divides us and that we are the greatest nation on earth because of our differences, not in spite of them.

Until next week…

Thanks for reading!

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