Until next year…

Our City,
by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

It’s early Thursday morning, not the usual Saturday. It’s so early I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee yet and I won’t see the sunrise for another two hours.

Christmas is still four days off and I am writing about the week after. Holidays have a way of reorganizing a routine sometimes; at least in my family and especially around Christmas, and that’s OK. Next week is that tweener week, the week most families find time to spend with each other, however that works for them, a week spent more with family than at work for many, but not all.

City hall was closed Monday, and will be closed next Monday as well, in observance of both Christmas and New Year’s. However, Tuesday through Friday will be routine in all departments. There are things that need to be done daily and weekly regardless of season or holiday in most departments within the city; and they do get done by the fine folks that work on our behalf. For that, I thank them all.

For me this tweener week is about working when I need to; but it’s more about family and reflection. The reflection part for me has been about the things left undone or in the works but not yet finished. Things that in the end will make American Falls a better place to live for all of us.

Recently I have written about and The Press has reported on the progress of the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant which will see an emergency access to Willow Bay installed by county and city personnel and hopefully early warning signage and signals at Fort Hall, Highway 39, and Marina Road. Progress and paperwork are insuring that the emergency access is completed this coming year. Details on the signals and signs are still forthcoming, I hope. And I hope they are affordable enough for the city to be able to maintain in the long term.

We are still waiting to hear back on our grant application for the Community Development Block Grant that will allow for the reengineering and construction of Hospital Hill and the installation of new water lines and services there. We remain in a holding pattern on the outcome of the LHTAC grant application that could assist in the paving of the associated streets within that project as well.

When I first began on the city council nearly ten years ago, I just knew I could speed up progress. Good or bad, I quickly learned that when dealing with other governmental agencies at almost any level, things take time, sometimes even years. I hope that doesn’t mean that I too have become part of the problem as I very much want to be part of the solution. Three years ago I started working on an idea that would put some kind of a trail between Seagull Bay and Massacre Rocks and what I have found is when dealing with governmental agencies and private property owners things take even longer. But, that’s all right, what I have learned is that sometimes you just have to back up, reassess, and regroup. More to follow in the months and years to come on that note.

Even things that are devoid of governmental bureaucracy can seem like they take forever to resolve. The city golf course is such an example. It remains an enigma to me in so many ways. I have written about it extensively of late and won’t belabor the details, but it remains foremost on my mind for many reasons. I hope those reasons begin to be resolved in the year to come; and that’s all I have to say about that, as the saying goes.

As you look toward the coming weekend and the New Year, please be careful in your celebratory activities as you welcome in 2017. As 2017 greets each of us I resolve to continue to do my best by each of you in my role as mayor and look forward to the old and new challenges that come with making American Falls the best place to live.

Until next year…

Thanks for reading!

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