Sounding like a weather station

Our City
by Mayor Marc Beitia

I apologize if you think I am beginning to sound like a weather station, but that is primarily what we have been dealing with as a city this past week. But then everyone has been dealing with it in one way or another.
Last week I warned of pending rains, and they did real havoc. I won’t go into the details as I am sure Daniel Moore has already covered it on the front page as he called both street superintendent Daren Dahlke and me last Thursday with questions about how we responded throughout the mess. All in all it could have been worse; and I am pleased with how city personnel responded.
What Moore couldn’t report on, because it happened after his call, is that we ran out of the 250 sand bags we purchased and made available to fill with sand from a city source in less than 24 hours. What I also didn’t know at the time of Moore’s call was that Ace Hardware had also received a shipment of sand bags and sold out within a few days.
They aren’t expecting more to be in stock until you read this on Wednesday. In talking with both Bingham Coop and Ace they plan to continue to stock sand bags and make them available for sale. As a city I told Moore that it is not in our interest to compete with local businesses. While we will make bags and sand available for emergencies, I would ask if at all possible that you please support those businesses when they have the bags in stock.
I know some of the local streets are caked with packed ice and very bumpy. Again, I apologize. The packed snow and ice is very hard on equipment and has already caused the need for much repair in the city shop. I know too, that the plowing of slush last week created difficulties for many of you as you struggled to remove it from your driveways.
Those driving the plows are doing the best they can to moderate the effects of the mess on you personally, but I know it has created hardships. My daughter Frances was out of town on business during the middle of last week and found she couldn’t get into her driveway without ruining her car because of all the frozen snow and ice plowed into it. It has been a chore trying to clean it out, but in the end it is part of where we live and from what I can tell that’s not likely to change in the weeks to come.
What will be changing is the way you receive your billing from the city. The little post cards are going the way of the Dodo bird. When you receive an envelope from the city around the first of next month it will have your monthly bill in it. Some of the postcards were not surviving the extra handling en route to and back, plus we decided that a mailed envelope would allow us to further disseminate information to you and keep you better informed.
Your standard envelope will include your city bill just as the postcard provided; but on occasions the envelope will contain news and information we want all our citizens to know about. That information could include me informing you that specific streets will be closed to parking on certain days so that snow can be thoroughly plowed, or that city crews will be flushing sewers in certain areas and that as a homeowner you will want to make sure you are prepared.
The envelope will also at times contain information on organized recreation and other city news. All told, the new format will provide a better means for us to communicate with all of you on matters that concern each property owner and resident. I hope you are pleased with our efforts to keep everyone more informed about all the goings on within our city.
Until next week…

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