Thanks for the help and patience with the snow

To the editor,

Citizens of Aberdeen, this has been a winter unlike any we have seen in many years. I would like to give a special thanks to several individuals who have been instrumental in helping the city stay on top of the snow removal.

A big thank you goes out to our city crew for all of the many extra hours they have worked on snow removal from our streets. The crew consists of Robert Goss, Kelvin Bowles, Jeff Pratt, Vince King and Ken Ekstrom. Also, a special thank you to David Barrus from the Aberdeen-Springfield Canal Company for the generous help (trucks and drivers) supplied while we were removing the enormous amounts of snow from Main Street. Those individuals were: Clay Shackelford and J.R. Zazweta.

My hat goes off to the citizens of Aberdeen for their understanding and patience during this winter season. The crew tries to clear snow on Main Street and the school roads first. They also try to clean out as many driveways and mailbox areas as possible with a focus on elderly, ailing, and handicapped individuals. I ask our citizens, who can, to please help your neighbors. Working together we will get through this winter in a much better condition.

We do have concerns about potential flooding as the weather warms, so we will be identifying major areas of concern and develop strategies for those areas so we are better prepared beforehand.

Thank you,

Larry Barrett, Mayor

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