It takes mistakes to learn you’re ignorant

The Golden Globes gave out some awards a few weeks ago. Of the movies nominated for best picture, I had heard of some. Three to be exact. There was also a football game coming up too, and some teams are playing in it, I’m pretty sure. I don’t know which ones. Oh wait, was someone just made president?

Years ago, as a confident and well-informed young man, I would have known who the competitors were in these contests. Now I wonder to myself, “This? Again?”

Somehow the world keeps going around whether I know anything about it or not. But then someone asks, “What about those Packers?!”

And then I’m left racking for some information that will make me look somewhat informed. Something about Packers… Oh yah, it’s Green Bay,… something…something. And then I realize I have no idea where Green Bay is.

“John Elway!” I say. This usually leaves the other person in disgust.

Of course, ignorance is bliss, someone said. I could look up who said this, but I’m too lazy. More precisely, my time is taken up by more important pursuits, like watching on-line cooking videos.

No, really, as a father of four, the few hours I have after work is taken up by my family. My kids on the other hand, know everything about everything, and so I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage.

I even asked my youngest son, at just two years old, if he is going to be a daddy someday. “Yes,” he said, “I go work.”

“What are you going to do at work?” I ask.

“Typing,” he said, lifting his hand up and pushing imaginary buttons.

Typing, it seems, is the only skill one needs to know now-a-days. But I better steer him in a different direction, because my plan is for him to pay for my retirement after he earns a bunch of money. I have to start putting in his mind that doctors type a lot.

I really should do something about my cluelessness though. But this ignorance was hard earned. It’s only people who make a lot of mistakes that realize they don’t know anything, and boy, have I made some doozies. If you read motivational literature, the more mistakes you make, the more success you’ll have, so I’m still waiting for all that success to come rushing in.

In the meantime, I’ll get back to watching cooking videos. I mean typing.

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