School, city deal with snowy winter

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

The American Falls School District still has some snow days left, said district superintendent Ron Bolinger. Although the district has taken five days off because of weather since the beginning of the school year, there is still some time yet before the district must find other ways to make up time, he said.

The state assigns districts a minimum number of hours that students must attend each year. The state allows about a day and a half of emergency time off from the required number of hours. The school district adds on five more days for weather-related closures. Even though the district has used up its five days, there is still a day and a half from the state before the district must make up time, Bolinger said.

If the district runs out of snow days, they will enter into negotiations with the state to make up the time. There are a variety of solutions, Bolinger said. They could take less days off for spring break, attend school further into the summer, or extend the school day. The state may even allow teachers to attend extra training days to make up the time, he said.

“There’s a whole host of things that we can do,” he said. However, the district will have to make up the lost time; if not, the district will not receive its state funding.

Whatever the case, the district will still close in the case of extreme weather. They will not compromise the safety of the students because they are out of snow days, Bolinger said.

“We won’t sacrifice safety,” he said, and added that this year’s dramatic snow accumulation is greater than any he remembers since moving here over 40 years ago….

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