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Daniel Moore

In a week or so, the movie industry will be handing out awards to itself. Of the movies nominated for Oscars, I’ve seen exactly one.
That movie was Zootopia, which I enjoyed watching with my children. However, if you take out the anthropomorphic animals, the movie was about how personal prejudices play into public policy. That is a lot of “p” words for a children’s movie. As a newspaper reporter, watching a movie with those themes starts to make me feel like I am at work.
I don’t watch many adult-themed movies any more. I don’t know if I ever did. Before I had kids, if I went to an “adultish” movie, it had men dressing up in tight suits trying to explode each other. That may not be quite as mature as most of the movies lined up for this year’s awards ceremony.
That was before I had kids. Now, I spend my Saturday mornings watching a show called “Glitter Force,” where a group of young women save the world from fairy tale villains through the power of glitter. I did not exaggerate any part of that last sentence.
Most of the movies that get nominated for awards are not quite as feel good as I like. They are happy in the same way a swift kick to the stomach is a relaxing massage. So I don’t watch those award contender movies very often.
There are exceptions. One of my favorite movies is “Cat Ballou,” the 1965 musical western. It was not meant to win any awards. It was based on a serious novel, but ended up being a comedy. They filmed it in just 28 days.
However, it turned out good, mostly because of Lee Marvin, who plays a drunken gun slinger. He is supposed to be one of a number of comic figures, but in a few key scenes, he gets to steal the show.
Somehow, he ended up winning the best actor Oscar for the movie. Even that became a joke. As he said in his acceptance speech, part of the award should go to a horse somewhere in the valley. (In one scene, his horse is leaning on a wall with its legs crossed, while Marvin is perched on it, drunk.)
It just goes to show that sometimes you can please the crowds and still win an award or two along the way. I wish that would happen a little more often.

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  1. Amandia McCarty
    February 16, 2017 at 1:06 am

    Love this!

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