Flooding causes plenty of problems

A constant drizzle and warm temperatures melted record snowfall last week, causing flooding across Power County.
The Power County Commissioners declared a state of emergency on Monday, originally at the request of the county highway district. Other county taxing districts can still begin taking emergency measures with state and federal assistance now available.
Most significantly, the flooding of Raft River right outside the county line caused the closing of I-86 from the Rockland exit westward. With no easy detour, trucks and traffic were routed through American Falls or sent back eastward. The Idaho Transportation Department determined that about one foot of water was flowing over the interstate, making it unsafe for cars to pass.
Many trucks and cars parked alongside the freeway, as they determined the best course of action. The closing lasted from Monday, Feb. 6, until lanes were open on Thursday, Feb. 9.
But that was only the beginning of problems for flooding around the city.

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