City now accepting debit and credit cards for bill payments

Aberdeen City Clerk Treasurer Linda Balls has been in contact with Ireland Bank and there is a machine called Basys that will allow citizens of Aberdeen to use a credit/debit card to pay their fees that are owed to the city. It costs $1 plus three percent of the total amount used on each card as a fee per transaction. Balls said that Ireland Bank suggested to buy the Basys rather than lease because it will end up costing more money if the city leases it. If Basys is bought at the start and the city uses it for a few months and decides it is not something that is needed or wanted then Ireland Bank will purchase the machine back from them. The cost of the machine is $300 and if the time comes the company is to buy it back from the city, the city will receive roughly $250. Mary Leisy proposed that the city of Aberdeen purchase Basys and tries it out for a period of three months. There will be a sign posted on the counter at the city office that will have the fees posted along with what cards will be taken and what can be paid with the cards.

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